Maine Families


Car Seat Safety Program (Maine Families): 255-0481
Child car seats & booster seats for low-income families. Installation assistance, safety information, seat checks, & free trainings available for agencies, companies, groups or individuals. Online resource library. Click here to find the right size seat for your child

DCP Transportation (formerly SunRides)546-7547 / 877-374-8396
No cost or low cost roundtrip transportation for local shopping, banking, errands, even visiting friends; handicapped accessible; $2 to $8 and free for seniors age 60 or older. (48 hours advanced scheduling is advised). Click on the towns below to download a flyer with more info.
Machias: Mondays – Wednesdays (9:30am – 1:30pm)
Cherryfield / Milbridge / Harrington: Wednesdays (8:00am – 5:00pm)
Eastport / Perry / Pleasant Point / Pembroke: Fridays (10:45am – 1:15pm)

Dept. of Health & Human Svcs (DHHS): 1-800-432-7846
Fund to help with transportation for non-medical needs like shopping, non-medical appointments… (must submit the DHHS-R Low Income Eligibility Application to qualify). Transportation arrangements are made through calling DCP (listed below).

Downeast Community Partners (formerly WHCA): 1-855-608-5176
DCP uses Logisticare to provide transportation for MaineCare recipients for medical appointments and “friends and family” driver reimbursement. Call in advance to schedule a pick-up.
If you are not a MaineCare recipient, but need help arranging non-emergency medical transportation, please call DCP at 1-877-374-8396 OR 664-0012 OR 546-7547 to determine eligibility for other transportation services that they can offer.

Logisticare – Free Transportation To and From Medical Appointments: 1-855-608-5176
Call in advance to schedule transportation to/from medical appointments. Advance notice is needed when transporting children as vehicle needs to have car seats (or room for car seats if caregiver brings their own).

Logisticare – Mileage Reimbursement for Maine Care Covered Doctor’s Visits: 1-855-608-5175
Reimbursement for pre-approved doctor’s visits is .38 cents a mile. Contact Logisticare in advance to make arrangements. Click here to download the mileage reimbursement form for pre-approved trips.

Transitional Transportation (Fedcap): 1-844-585-2505 (Machias) or 1-877-369-0935 (Calais)
The Transitional Transportation Program (TT) helps families who lose their TANF or Parents as Scholars (PaS) benefits because they got a paying job.  Transitional Transportation helps with your transportation costs for the first 18 months after you get your last TANF check.  It is paid on a monthly basis on the last day of each month.  Talk to your Fedcap worker about the TT Program when you stop receiving TANF

Transportation Assistance for Veterans: 255-8665
Limited transportation assistance for veterans from the American Legion Post #9 in Machias

West’s Transportation ($): 1-800-596-2823
Bus service from Calais to Bangor (and points in-between),
operates 7 days a week.  There is a cost for this service, click here for rates

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