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Car Seat Safety Week Tip – Is Your Seat in Correctly?

This week is National Child Passenger Safety Week — Join with us and help spread the word about car seat safety! Data shows that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children from 1 – 13 years old. Many of those deaths could have been prevented with just a little extra education around car seat use. Car seat manuals are the best source of information when you get a new seat.  But what about a seat that is given to you as a gift or hand-me-down from a friend or relative?  Often the manual is the first accessory that gets lost when a car seat is unwrapped from it’s packaging.  Here are some tips on getting a safe install whether or not you have your manual handy.

  1. Most car seat manufacturers have manuals posted online.  Check the underside of your car seat for a sticker that tells you the make, model, and manufacture date of your seat.  This will help you to find and read (or download) the correct manual.
  2. Graco, Evenflo, Britax, and most of the major car seat makers have certified car seat technicians answering their customer service lines.  If you know the seat maker but are unsure of the model type, give their customer service team a call and they can help. They can also walk you through the process of installing your specific model of seat.
  3. Most car seat makers have videos posted on their websites demonstrating how to correctly install their car seats. Evenflo’s customer service team now offers the option of personally installing your car seat via video chat with a technician from their team. You can schedule a video session with a tech using your phone’s camera and they will assist you.
  4. Find a certified car seat tech in your area. The Maine Bureau of Highway Safety provides inspection technicians with a DVD that has car seat manuals for most current brands of car seats.  Make an appointment with your local technician and they can download a copy of your manual and help you to install your seat safely.

Maine Families has two certified car seat technicians on staff to help answer any car seat questions you have. Peace of mind when transporting your kids or grandchildren is priceless – but our services are FREE anyway! So call us at 255-0481 for questions or to make an appointment for a seat check.

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