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Top Tips on Toddler Safety

As your little one starts to walk and explore our friends at Safe Kids want to remind you of their top 3 safety concerns for toddlers:

1)  Falls:  Children between the ages of one and four have the highest rate of injuries from non-fatal falls.  Get tips here on safety gate placement, keeping kids safe around furniture, unsecured windows, and even playgrounds.

2)  Car Seat Safety: If your child is under two, they should still be rear-facing.  But buckling up is only half of the challenge around car seats.  Choosing the right seat for your child, getting the right fit in your car, do you choose LATCH or seat belts to lock the seat in, when do you switch from rear-to forward facing?  Each car seat is different, each vehicle is different, and each child is different, so when it comes to car seat safety parents can use lots of guidance. Click here for Safe Kids ultimate car seat guide.

3)  Medication Safety:  Here’s a fast fact about medication and kids.. Every minute of every day, a poison control center answers a call about a young child getting into medicine. Safe Kids has a handy medication safety tip card that you can download about how to keep your toddler safe from getting into medication and other household items, and who to call if they accidentally do.

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