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Celebrate Earth Day with Your Child

Wednesday the 22nd is Earth Day, and here in Washington County we are finally seeing the last bits of snow get washed away and the early Spring bulbs peaking out of the soil. It’s a great time to explore this new landscape with your child. Maybe take a moment to plant a few cool weather seeds together like lettuce, broccoli, or peas.

Our partners at the Parents As Teachers Foundation recommend that you take your 14 – 24 month old outside to let her splash in the puddles, and experience the wet ground, plants and trees. Encourage her curiosity at her own pace.

For your 24-36 month old, take him on a nature walk; collect objects like leaves, grass, or rocks. Maybe bring them home and sort them by color or texture. Talk to him about what you two are experiencing, the items you found, the coolness of the air or the feeling of the wind. Your child’s brain is busily sorting what he’s learning, matching these items to what he knows and labeling new things he’s learning about with you.

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