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Results Are In From the Recent Survey We Posted

A couple of months ago we posted links and asked folks in our county who qualify as low-income to participate in a special survey created by the Maine Equal Justice Partners. The MEJP has gathered data from the these surveys from all over the state and the results of what they learned may surprise you. Here’s what they shared:

Maine People Agree: “Opportunity is the Bridge to a Better Future”
Mainers shared common ground about the causes of poverty and the best strategies to reduce it.  There was striking agreement among conservatives and liberals, men and women, and people of all ages and income levels.

MEJP utilized two different approaches to test the opinions of Maine people across the State.  The first was a scientific telephone survey of 478 likely Maine voters conducted from July 12 to July 16, 2014.  The second was a written survey completed by 941 Maine residents with low income over the age of 18.

Both groups were asked similar questions about the causes of poverty and the best strategies to reduce poverty.  The two groups – those who may have only read about poverty and others who are experiencing its effects daily –shared strikingly similar ideas about poverty.  Both groups agreed that the primary cause of poverty is Maine’s under-performing economy, and that the best strategies to reduce poverty involve building bridges to opportunity.

Click here to read more about the results and some great personal stories that were shared.

For the full report check out MEJP’s posting here.

Thank you for participating in this groundbreaking survey. As you can see, your feedback will give them the tools they need to help make a difference for all of us in Maine. For more information on the Maine Equal Justice Partners and the work they do check them out at




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