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Important Survey for Low Income Families

The Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP) are a group of legal specialists who work tirelessly to change the laws and help fight for the rights of people living on low income.  They have created a survey that they need folks to take that will help MEJP to understand where they need to put their focus on in making real changes that will make a real difference in the lives of those living in poverty.

If you are living on low income please click here to take their survey, or if you know someone who is living on low income please click here to print out a paper copy for them.  If you are printing the paper copy the first two pages are a letter explaining the survey, followed by the 3 page survey itself.  You can also call MEJP and ask them to mail you a paper survey with a return envelope and a stamp already on it — this makes it even easier to pass along to a friend.  Just call 1-866-626-7059 extension 204 and leave a message for them with the address you’d like the survey mailed to.

The deadline is July 18th, just a few weeks away! So please help spread the word about this survey.  This is an opportunity for all of us to get involved and make some real positive changes that will affect the lives of all of us living in Maine.

Click here for more information about Maine Equal Justice Partners.

Below is the survey invitation MEJP has emailed to get the word out:

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126 Sewall St., Augusta, ME 04330

Take this survey

 Help Find Real Solutions to Poverty!


Are you living on low income?

Please take this survey.  Share your opinions about poverty and what you think are the best ways to end poverty.


If you are not living on low income, please share the survey with others who are.


Individual surveys will be kept confidential.

Click here to take the survey online.

Want to take the survey on paper or make more copies?


Click here to print a copy.  You can make copies to share with others but please be sure to include the letter as well as the survey.  Both are in the file you will download.  

Mail the completed survey(s) without the letter to: MEJP, 126 Sewall St., Augusta, ME 04330;


Contact Chris Rusnov at Maine Equal Justice Partners by email or 
call 1-866-626-7059 ext. 204 and leave a message.  A paper survey will be sent to you. We will include a return envelope with a stamp already on it.

Thank you for helping to change the conversation so together we can find real common sense solutions to poverty.



It’s time to change the conversation!

Recently, stereotypes and misinformation have dominated the discussion about poverty. This has taken attention away from where it belongs – on finding common sense solutions to rising poverty in our state, and strengthening opportunities for all Maine people.

Help us change the conversation 

and put our collective energy into

finding real solutions to poverty.  

Over the next few weeks, MEJP will be asking people with low income to take a survey to share their opinions about poverty and what they think are the best ways to end it.

The results of the survey will be put into a report that will come out in mid-September. This report will help guide us as we advocate for public policies that increase opportunities for all Maine people.

If you are living on low income, please take this


If you are not, please share it with others living on low income who might be willing to take it.

Individual surveys will be kept completely confidential.


Click here to download a paper copy.  You can print a copy and send the completed survey to MEJP.  You are also welcome to make copies to share with others. Please be sure to give the letter with the survey to each person – both are in the same document.


Survey Deadline – July 18th

  • On-line surveys must be taken by July 18th. 
  • Paper surveys must be put in the mail by July 18th.
Thank you for taking part.
Together, we can make a difference.

Maine Equal Justice Partners, Inc. | 126 Sewall Street | Augusta | ME | 04330
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