Maine Families

Marjorie Withers Honored With 2014 Hanley Award

On April 16th The Hanley Center for Health Leadership awarded Marjorie Withers of the Community Caring Collaborative with the 2014 Hanley Award. The award committee recognized Marjorie as “a leader in Washington County who has dedicated much of her life to reducing the impact of the health disparities of rural poverty, mental illness, substance abuse, and trauma through working with infants and young children and their families.”

Marjorie is co-founder and executive director of the Community Caring Collaborative, a Washington County 40-member collaborative.  Maine Families is proud to be a member of the CCC and has been implementing the CCC’s breakthrough initiative, The Bridging Program, for the past 5 years. Marjorie’s work as visionary and leader of the CCC has had a profoundly positive impact on hundreds of families in Maine.  Congratulations to Marjorie for a much deserved award!

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